Dates Announced for RLC UK Launch Events with Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo

Red Letter Christians UK will be launched in JUNE 2019 through a series of prophetic public actions, events and seminars in seven cities across the UK.   Red Letter Christians founders Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo will appear alongside UK-based spiritual activists who are already working to foster hope and justice in their own communities. Events include: 

Red Letter Seminars hosted by local communities to encourage and connect those on the front line of fighting injustice. Shane, Tony and local activists will share their stories and insights.

Red Letter Actions held in public squares give a prophetic focus to an injustice that breaks Jesus’ heart in the city. For some cities this will include local activists melting down knives into objects of hope to highlight systematic violence and to stand with victims.

Red Letter Living gatherings that bring young people together and amplify local voices for Jesus and justice.


Leaders & Activists’ Breakfast with Shane Claiborne & RLC UK, The Well Community Centre (9:00)

Beating Knives Community Event, BDCA Gardens (12:30)

Emerging Leaders Dinner with Shane Claiborne, Urban Change Makers Newham and RLC UK (18:30)INVITE ONLY


Shane Claiborne speaking at KXC Church (10:30, 16:30. 18:30)

18th JUNE –  LUTON

Jesus & Justice Seminar with Shane Claiborne and RLC UK, St Luke’s (9:30)

Ploughshares Peace Vigil with Shane Claiborne and RLC UK, Luton Town Centre (14:00)

Beating Knives & RLC UK Launch Event with Shane Claiborne, St Mary’s (19:30)


Living for Jesus & Justice with Shane Claiborne (Seminar hosted by Mosaic Justice Network) (11:00) INVITE ONLY

Redeeming Piccadilly Gardens with Shane Claiborne (Public Action) (15:00)

RLC UK Launch: An Evening of Jesus and Justice with Shane Claiborne, Jubilee Church (19:00)


Leaders’ Seminar with Matt Wilson, Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo, HopeSpring Centre (11:00)

Public Action with Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo TBA

RLC UK Launch Event with Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo, Heaton Baptist (19:30)


Seminar for Leaders & Activists with Shane Claiborne (10:30)

Seminar for Emerging Leaders with Shane Claiborne (15:00)


Seminar for University Students, featuring Shane Claiborne (Just Love and RLC UK) INVITE ONLY

Beating Knives – Birmingham for Peace (Public Action with Shane Claiborne) (12:30)


RLC UK Launch Event with Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo, Liverpool Cathedral (19:30)


Shane Claiborne speaking at Gas Street Church (9:30, 11:30, 18:00)

Red Letter Christians UK is a new relational network for those who want to live for Jesus and justice in the UK. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates about these and other RLC UK events.

If the RLC UK vision moves you, we invite you to help support this work through our JustGiving page. We’re hoping to cover the costs of accommodation, UK travel and food via donations so that ticket prices can be low or free in each city. Anything charged for these events will not go to RLC UK, but will cover costs incurred by local hosts or support local ongoing Jesus and justice work.

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