Who are Red Letter Christians UK, anyway?

‘Beating Knives:’ Prophetic actions in East London, Luton and Birmingham in June are being planned around a public lament for the victims of knife violence. Shane Claiborne will be part of these events following his ‘Beating Guns’ tour in the US.

Red Letter Christians UK is a new relational network for those who want to live for Jesus and justice in the UK. Find out more about us before our UK launch events in June with Shane Claiborne, Tony Campolo and grassroots activists around the UK.

Many printed and online versions of the New Testament feature the words of Jesus in red. Those of us who identify ourselves as Red Letter Christians come from a diverse range of backgrounds and church affiliations but are unified by this commitment:

We want to be people who take Jesus’ words seriously in our personal devotion, in our communities and in UK public life. We believe there is an opportunity to present a Jesus-centred spirituality among those who share our commitment to stand for justice, peace and equity, but may never have heard this Gospel.

“We don’t see our role as calling people out of existing groups or movements,” says Red Letter Christian UK trustee and East London-based activist Dr. Sally Mann.

“Instead, we want to celebrate examples of Red Letter living, to encourage and support one another and to inspire a new generation of radicals who are desperate to see that a lived commitment to Jesus can really change the world around them.” Red Letter Christians UK will have regular blogs, radio shows and sign-post opportunities for prophetic action and learning from a variety of UK sources.

Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo founded the Red Letter Christians network in the US in 2007 out of a growing concern that Western Christianity was losing its focus on Jesus and that the term “evangelical” had ceased to mean good news in American culture. Their vision was to gather a network of communicators and activists to challenge the church to emulate Jesus’ love, mercy, and counter-cultural way.

“We have been truly inspired by Tony and Shane’s prophetic call, but we are not proposing to replicate what happens in America,” says Sally Mann. Rather, Red Letter Christians UK has a distinct calling, developed collaboratively by UK grassroots activists, community-based
theologians and communicators.

“We want to use the opportunity of having Shane and Tony with us to amplify the voices and callings of unsung local activists who are slogging it out each day with devotion to Jesus and a passion for justice.”

Join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more details about our series of UK launch events with Shane and Tony in June (14-23rd).

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