RLC UK Lauch – Shane Claiborne & Tony Campolo visit 7 UK cities in June 2019 to launch Red Letter Christians UK

Red Letter Christians UK will be launched in the UK with events, public actions and seminars in 7 cities in order to inspire, inform and shine a light for Jesus and justice. Founders of Red Letter Christian movement Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo will join UK activist and communicators in East London (15/6 ) Central London (16/6 ) Luton (18/6 ), Manchester (19/6 ) , Newcastle (20/6), Edinburgh (21/6), Liverpool (22/6) and Birmingham (22-23/6).  

We want to use the opportunity of having Shane and Tony with us to amplify the voices and callings of unsung local activists, slogging it out each day with devotion to Jesus and a passion for justice.  Each of the 7 cities will have events hosted locally, covering at least some of the following:

  • Red Letter Seminarshosted by local communities to encourage and connect those on the front line of fighting injustice. Shane, Tony and local activists will share their stories and insights.
  • Red Letter Actionsheld in public squares give a prophetic focus to an injustice that breaks Jesus’ heart in the city. For some cities this will include local activists melting down knives into gardening tools to highlight systematic violence and to stand with victims. 
  • Red Letter Livingevenings by and for new generation of change makers. Tony and Shane will keynote night events that bring young people together and amplify local voices for Jesus and justice.   

It is hoped that Red Letter Christians UK can become a Spirit led force for connecting, empowering and amplifying voices for Jesus and justice in the UK.  As well as this tour, RLC UK will have regular blogs, radio shows and sign posting for further actions and learnings. 

For updates on when booking information and further details will be released, please check redletterchristians.org.uk, follow us on social media:

or click this link to subscribe to the Red Letter Christians UK mailing list.

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