Reflections from our first Red Letter Christians UK Retreat

Dear friends,

Can you believe it’s only seven weeks since our gathering in the Peak District?! The trustees of Red Letter Christians UK met last week to chew over pages of notes from our retreat and we’d love to tell you where we’re at.

If you’d rather watch than read, you can click here for a couple of short videos of me and Ash chatting about it (and perhaps subscribe to the channel while you are there):
We are still wet concrete! – remember that helpful picture from our retreat? It describes our desire to see the RLC UK vision emerge through relationships. Looking through the notes together, it’s clear that these things are beginning to take shape.  If you have other thoughts or reflections, we would certainly welcome them. For now, here are the headlines:

* RLC UK is a relational network to AMPLIFY, CONNECT and EMPOWER those living for Jesus and Justice in the UK.

* We don’t see ourselves as an organisation to make things happen, or to call people out of existing groups and affiliations.  Rather, we seek to highlight examples of Red Letter living; to encourage each other and to catalyse radical discipleship. We also believe there is an opportunity to present a Jesus-centred spirituality among those who share our commitment to stand for justice, peace and equity, but may never have heard this Gospel.

* We have been truly inspired by Tony and Shane’s prophetic call, but we are not proposing to replicate what happens in America. We discern the Spirt inviting us to nurture local ‘seedbeds’ where we can innovate and celebrate ways to live out the Red Letters of Jesus.

* In terms of our structure, we took on board advice from the retreat, and are transitioning from a CIC to a CIO, which can claim gift aid. But we want to keep a ‘light touch’ trustee role. We’ll keep you up to date with progress.

So where are we? Our heart is that through Red Letter Christians UK, we call each other to commit to live for Jesus and Justice personally, communally and on the public stage.
Danielle Wilson (who was also at the retreat) is working on setting up RLC UK communications, particularly working on the “amplifying your voices” part of the vision. She will be in touch with you in a few weeks with another update and also to ask for your help and input as we seek out and draw in the voices of diverse, grass roots activists.  We’ll be looking for writers and communicators, but primarily, we want to tell the untold stories of people who are living for Jesus and justice.  So we’ll be looking for those with a story to tell and also for people to write, edit or film the stories of others.  Please be praying and thinking on whether this is you, or if this call brings others to mind who we can pull in.
As this vision takes shape, we recognise that we ARE Red Letter Christians – ARE YOU?  We hope you would like to continue on this journey with us, but if not please do let us know. As I mentioned, Danielle will be in touch soon and will also update you on Tony and Shane’s visit in June.
I look forward to seeing what unfolds as we collaborate together for Jesus and justice in the UK!
Sally Mann, on behalf of the Red Letter Christians UK Trustees:
Ash Barker, Ian Rutherford, Mick Kane and Dave Mann

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