Our First RLC UK Retreat inspires

Thanks to all those who made our inaugural Red Letter Christians UK Retreat so inspiring. 19th-20th December 2018 saw Tony Campolo and Don Golden come from the US to Dovedale Retreat Centre in Derbyshire to meet with 40 UK Christian grassroots community activists, leaders and communicators from 8 UK cities to explore ‘Jesus and Justice in the UK’. Through prayer, reflection and discussion a real vision emerged to help mobilise, connect and amplify voices taking seriously the words of Jesus personally, communally and publicly in the UK.

We also did some planning for the formal launch of RLC UK with Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne’s 7 city UK tour 15-23 June 2019 including symbolic prophetic acts and some thinking about an arms fair mass protest. Communications to help amplify UK Voices on radio, blogs and media will also be launched in 2019 with a second annual RLC UK retreat for activists, communicators and leaders to be held December 4-6, 2019.

After eating, praying and sharing together we were commissioned to go and take Jesus seriously personally, communally and publicly in the UK.

Various media took up our hopes with stories on BBC Radio 4Premier Radio , Church Times and Religion News Service.

Tony Campolo’s talk to us on the retreat about the need for Holy Spirit’s authority is recorded here!

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